Kanye West and Drake Sued For Stealing Songs

Apparently Kanye West and Drake have both been sued for stealing songs. Kanye West was accused for stealing the song Stronger. Vincent Peters, a rapper from Virginia, claims he sent his version of the song to Kanye West’s manager, John Monopoly. Peters was hoping that Monopoly would produce the track for him. Peters claims that Kanye’s version stole many of the lyrics from his track. Peters never got the deal with Monopoly but several months after he sent Monopoly the song, it came out on Kanye’s album.The lawsuit against West asks that:

“West and the record labels be prohibited from selling, distributing or performing the allegedly copyrighted song, and that they destroy all copies they have of the single.”

The chances of this happening are obviously slim and I’m assuming it will just be settled out of court, that’s how these things usually work.

In Drake’s case, he is being sued by Playboy. They are suing him for copyright infringement in regards to his song Best I Ever Had. Playboy says that the song Drake samples at the start is the song “Fallin’ In Love,” by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison/Reynolds. They say that Drake should have known that the song was protected by copyright.

Like in the Kanye lawsuit, Playboy wants Drake to stop selling/distributing the song and to stop profiting from it. Once again, this probably won’t happen.

Either way it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.