Kanye West And Jay-Z Travel To Australia To Finish Collaboration Album?

As if Jay-Z opening for U2 in Australia wasn’t a big enough story, it now appears that Beyonce and Kanye West have traveled with him, so naturally rumors are running rampant as to why?

As Hova and Kanye have been working on their collaborative album ‘Watch the Throne’ everywhere but in the US, rumors are swirling that they may finish it up very soon, especially with last week’s release of one of their new songs, “That’s My Bitch” which may or may not be off the new album. Listen to it here.

The duo has already recorded parts of the album in Wiltshire, England and in Southern France, so finishing it up in Australia would be a nice touch.

Or perhaps Kanye just wanted to get away from the backlash that seems to still exist with Taylor Swift fans. Check out this video from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, where Kanye gets booed something serious.

Kanye could also just as easily be marketing his album, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ which debuted at number 6 in Australia according to heraldsun.com, and is projected to overtake Susan Boyle for the top album spot in the USA. On a side note, Nicki Minaj’s album, ‘Pink Friday‘ is expected to debut at number 2.

Still, I think it is more so that they can continue working on the album without the distractions of North America. Beyonce could be just along for the ride, or perhaps she will make an appearance on the album as well. Also Jay-Z is promoting his new book, ‘Decoded’, which debuted at number 3 on the NY Times Bestselling List, behind Laura Hillenbrand and George W. Bush. Here is Jay-Z on CNN talking about his new book in a hilarious newscast.

Either way, it is an exciting time in hip-hop, as its influence continues to grow throughout the world and who knows how long it will be before Jay-Z runs for President. Until then, check out some of these performances, live from Australia featuring U2 and Jay-Z.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday – U2 featuring Jay-Z – Live from Auckland:


Scarlet – U2 featuring Jay-Z – Live from Auckland: