Kanye West Cancels Remainder Of Saint Pablo Tour


Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour has been a pretty huge success since the first leg kicked off this past August, but it wasn’t without its fair share of controversy. Whether it involved long winded rants about Drake, Jay Z, or Donald Trump – or the numerous times West canceled shows – going to one of the tour dates seemed to be a gamble of sorts. Now, following a string of canceled shows, a representative confirms that all of the 20+ remaining dates for the tour have been canned. Refunds will be granted at point of purchase.

It all started when West ended his Sacramento set early after only a half an hour, and concertgoers who went to attend his recent Los Angeles show – a make-up date for a previously canceled Los Angeles show – learned that it wouldn’t be happening mere hours before it was scheduled to start. The bright side to all dates being canceled is that it at least puts fears to rest for those worried if their date would be canceled the day of or not.

Of course, the most concerning part of the whole ordeal is the state of Kanye West and what exactly’s going on with him. The canceled tour will surely relieve some stress on the guy, and hopefully with the much deserved time off, he’ll be able to recover and return to action better than ever.