Kanye West Closes Out Coachella


Last night at Coachella, Kanye West closed out the show with one hell of a set. The rapper took the stage for an hour and a half, running through both new and old tracks. For those who were there, or watching the live stream on YouTube, you know how epic it was. Yeezy was a beast as he went from song to song displaying tremendous energy, giving fans exactly what they wanted. Pusha T and Bon Iver joined Mr. West as he took us through classics like Through The Wire, Gold Digger and Stronger, new hits like Power, Runaway, Monster and All Of The Lights and many, many more before closing out with a fitting tribute to his mom with Hey Mama.

After making fans wait a good 15 minutes, he appeared above the crowd, on a glowing platform, rapping to Dark Fantasy, as the stage filled with ballerinas. And that was just the opening. West went on to perform a creative, exciting and breathtaking set, leaving fans cheering long after he left the stage. Epic is really the only word to describe it and you have to see it for yourself.

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