Kanye West Considered Suicide

Kanye West revealed some shocking news recently. At a recent screening for his film, Runaway, he told audiences that at one point, he thought about killing himself. He told the audience “there were times that I contemplated suicide.” He then proceeded to tell the crowd “I will not give up on life again.”

While West didn’t say at what point in his life he considered it, in his recent song, Power, he says “Now this would be a beautiful death – I’m jumping out the window, I’m letting everything go.” Perhaps it was around the time that he was writing the song that he considered it.

I suppose he has hard some times recently, especially with his mother passing away a few years ago, but I didn’t think he was ever that depressed. I guess it just goes to show that you never really know. Someone may look like they’re on top of the world but they could really be hurting inside.