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Kanye West has sold his $500K tank. Wait, why did he have a $500K tank?!

Kanye West has sold his tank ⏤ yes, an actual tank ⏤ to two reality stars named the Diesel Brothers. Is anyone surprised?

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Another day, another piece of exciting news from the stable genius that is Kanye West. TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband has relieved himself of a RIPSAW EV2 ground combat vehicle, aka an actual tank.

The least surprising part of this news is that West has a tank, honestly. He’s selling the vehicle to the Diesel Brothers, who are much more surprisingly not real brothers, but they do have their own show on the Discovery Channel on which they build diesel vehicles.

Ripsaws are not easy to get a hold of (waiting list runs about three years), so the brothers jumped at the chance and picked it up from the West ranch in Wyoming. West reportedly paid around half a million for the armored vehicle, but Heavy D (one of the Diesel Brothers) wouldn’t tell TMZ how much he paid for it, saying only that it was a pretty good deal.

There’s also a DVD player in the dash of the vehicle that only plays K-Pop, which seems pretty on brand for the whole scenario. Here’s West and his family posing with the vehicle for a GQ photoshoot.

West is no stranger to owning extravagant things. As one of the most successful musical artists of all time, he has plenty of money to go around. He reportedly owns a Lamborghini Aventador ($500K), gold-plated toilets ($750K), a Bugatti Veyron ($2M), a private island ($12M), and a 747, which was a gift from Adidas.

The RIPSAW debuted in the 2017 movie Fast and Furious 8: Fate of the Furious. It’s made by Howe and Howe, two real brothers who “built vehicles straight from their imaginations and made them reality ⏤ bringing them to customers around the globe. The Howe & Howe team shares a calling to always create the newer, better and stronger.”

The Diesel Brothers met at a singles event at a church, according to Tirebuyer.com. They were looking for partners but instead found partnership.

“Kind of weird, I know,” Heavy D said. “It’s where you go to find your future wife or a life partner. Definitely found my life partner; wasn’t expecting them to have a beard.”

To promote their business, the two filmed crazy YouTube videos of trucks doing crazy stunts. One of them caught the attention of comedian Jay Leno and the pair’s popularity exploded after they appeared on his version of The Tonight Show.

The Diesel Brothers’ show debuted in 2015 and is still on the air today.

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