Kanye West Joins Desiigner For “Timmy Turner” Remix


Most of the public got their first taste of Desiigner when Kanye West used part of the young rapper’s mega hit “Panda” for his The Life of Pablo cut, “Pt. 2.” Now, we’re being treated to ‘Ye on a Desiigner song, as West adds a verse to a remix of Desiigner’s single, “Timmy Turner.”

Kanye West just simply makes things better. Whether it’s a guest feature or a remix, his personality erupts onto anything he throws bars onto, and the “Timmy Turner” remix is no different. Though it’s a brief verse, West gets pretty deep lyrically, spitting “Everybody just got made alert / You might get killed on your way to work / Everybody seen it in broad day / Nobody filling that paperwork,” which can possibly be viewed as a reference to recent police brutality. The “Timmy Turner” remix initially debuted live earlier in August, but this radio premiere lets us hear the Desiigner and West connection in full.

The most exciting part of the remix is that, at the end of the day, we get to hear more of Kanye and Desiigner on the same track. Since the rapper signed to West’s GOOD Music label back in February, you can bet on West making a couple of appearances on Desiigner’s official full-length when it finally drops.

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