Kap Slap Branches Out From Mashups With “Felt This Good” Ft. M. Bronx


Kap Slap built his career on mashing up and remixing top 40 with EDM, but his new release takes the form of a more traditional single. “Felt This Good” featuring Chicago-based singer songwriter M. Bronx is his first original track of 2016, and while his trademark sound is still evident it makes for something of a departure.

Make no mistake about it, “Felt This Good” is pop EDM – from M. Bronx’s crisp, radio-friendly vocals to the track’s shimmering synth lead. It comes across a bit passé when you consider that post-EDM electronic music fans demand more cerebral soundscapes, but considering that Kap Slap made a name for himself by mashing up similar tracks it would seem disingenuous for him to put out anything else.

Although he’d become a household name in electronic music circles several years ago, Kap Slap’s music took the back burner as he focused on school. Having completed his degree at Lehigh University, he’s made it known that he plans to make a celebrated return to dance music in 2016.

Kap Slap‘s “Felt This Good” featuring M. Bronx is now out on Ultra Records, and you can listen to it in the player above.