Kap Slap Previews New Gazzo Collab


Kap Slap dropped a new preview this week, giving fans the first teaser of his upcoming collaborative single with Gazzo. Titled “Rewind,” the new song is due out on Casablanca/Republic Records in early December.

The minute long preview opens with the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar, as delay drenched vocals sing a catchy melody. Blending traditional instrumentation and pop lyrics with a soaring delivery, Kap Slap disrupts the conventional sounds with a slew of computer effects and electronic rhythms. The preview ends just as the first drop kicks in, giving listeners a brief taste of its dance sections, which are dominated by energizing melodies and anthemic beats.

The preview is brief, but already establishes the upcoming single as a force to be reckoned with. Abandoning a highly electronic approach to the production, Kap Slap weaves an organic touch that relies as heavily on melody and uplifting vibes as it does on danceable beats.

With a release date set for December 4, Kap Slap establishes “Rewind” as a track worth waiting for.