Karmin Reveal Music Video For “Love Is Louder”


Karmin may have kicked their career off with sugary pop bangers like “Brokenhearted” and “Hello,” but the husband-wife duo has since shapeshift their sound into something a little more natural, and it seems like it’s a vibe that ultimately suits them the best in the end. Their second full-length, Leo Rising, arrived earlier in September, and today they dropped the music video for “Love Is Louder” – it also happens to be one of the coolest of their career so far.

In a video draped in black and white, frontwoman Amy Heidemann is hardly the star of the show – that honor goes to the dancing shirtless man who has the responsibility of driving the point of the video, and of the song, home. As the clip begins with front pages of newspapers detailing horrific attacks, Heidemann pleads for a better future with lyrics like, “I would like to live my life counting steps to paradise/I know it can’t be far.”

Karmin are no longer attached to a major label and their songs are no longer written by superstar producers like Claude Kelly and The Messengers, but what’s resulted is a re-branded Karmin who still haven’t missed a beat. Sure, they’re a bit more alternative now, and maybe they’ll never have another single that’ll catch on to radio, but as long as they’re having fun making the music they want to make, they’ll be happy as musicians, and fans will be happy as the listeners.