Kaskade Joins Forces With CID On New Single “Sweet Memories”


Hot off the trails of a string of summer releases like “Jorts FTW” and his remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common,” Kaskade is back with a new single today. The Atmosphere producer has joined forces with up and comer CID to deliver a groovy deep house cut titled “Sweet Memories.”

The song opens with a jaunty synth sequence that sets the upbeat pace for Kaskade and CID’s latest offering, before a soulful vocal sample repeats the hook that serves as the track’s namesake. The two producers draw out the build up, carefully working the music up to its energetic peak with rushing snares and rising sound effects. Things then get funky in the drops, as a rubbery bassline intersects the persistent pounding of the drum machine.

Kaskade‘s last couple of releases have seen the producer hopping around from style to style, and “Sweet Memories” continues this trend with its wonky take on deep house. Overall, it’s a sturdy effort with a unique sound and plenty of appeal to keep the dance crowds happy.