Kaskade Phones It In On Latest Remix


We’d really like to say something nice about Kaskade‘s remix of Skylar Grey’s “I Know You,” but he just hasn’t given us much to work with this time around. Amid a musical movement dominated by press-play DJs and Twitter divas, the L.A.-based producer is usually a class act who doesn’t lower himself to the the shenanigans of his contemporaries – but his releases are beginning to exhibit an unsavory trend.

We were as praising as anybody when Kaskade debuted “Never Sleep Alone,” a future house-tinged track that featured seductive vocals by Tess Comrie. If we’d have known that his next few releases would sound nearly identical, though, we might have felt differently. In both tracks, Kaskade’s signature euphoric progressive house melodies have been replaced with tragically interchangeable future house organ synths. We’re all for DJs expanding their creative range and experimenting with the latest fad genres, but if this pattern indicates the sound he’s committed to, then his entire upcoming album will play like a compilation of third-rate Oliver Heldens knockoffs.

“I Know You” was originally a largely acoustic song that appeared on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, and that’s pretty much the most noteworthy thing about this remix.

Take a listen to the remix above and let us know what you think of Kaskade‘s latest.