Kaskade Shares Upcoming Album’s Title And Art

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It feels like we’ve been waiting the whole festival season for updates on Kaskade‘s upcoming album. The progressive house icon first made mention of the effort around the time he released “Never Sleep Alone” several months ago, but remained quiet on the subject up until now.

Automatic will be Kaskade’s 12th studio album, and it’s slated for release sometime in the fall. You might remember when we repeatedly slammed the DJ/producer for his lackluster take on future house, and we were indeed worried that the album would only feature more of the same – but when he premiered the album’s second single, “Disarm You,” at EDC Las Vegas back in June, we were pleased to discover that he hadn’t lost his touch after all.

Check back for further updates on Kaskade‘s upcoming album, Automatic, as the its release draws near, and let us know whether or not you’re looking forward to the effort in the comments section below.