Kaskade’s Rant Against The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Earns Him Cool Points

Kaskade (1)

It’s practically common knowledge by now that the vote-based annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list shouldn’t be taken seriously, but a lot of critics (including me) still feel that its credibility reached a new low this year as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were named #1. While I may not always agree with everything Kaskade says on social media, I’ve gotta respect him for using his celebrity as a platform to speak out on the state of the list – even if it might have just been to return fire.

On Kaskade’s DJ Mag entry, Stephen Flynn bashed both the artist and his management for blowing off an interview, perplexingly calling him both a “pottymouth” and a “douche” at different points in the piece and declaring that “it’s surely only a matter of time before this man’s antics relegate him to a bin marked ‘obscurity.’”

Upon discovering that he had been bumped all the way down to #84 and reading the entry, Kaskade fired off a volley of incendiary tweets:

This time around I’m definitely with Kaskade – as just about anyone who takes electronic music seriously ought to be. While the dust has settled from the announcements for the most part, we’ll provide you with any further contributions to the growing dialogue on the list if and when they become available.