Kaskade’s At The Top Of His Game With Whatever


I’ll just call it what it is – Kaskade‘s been throwing me through a loop this festival season. He’s alternated between releasing what sounds like the most forced future house I’ve ever heard and putting out tracks as memorable as his more seminal discography, and quite honestly I don’t know what to think about him these days.

What I do know is that the Kaskade I know and love was definitely responsible for “Whatever,” one of the tracks from his upcoming Automatic album featuring vocals by KOLAJ. This track fits his modus operundi to a T – it’s a main stage anthem that blurs the lines between house and trance, with shimmering synth work that brings something entirely different to the arrangement as well. And the best part? No half-cocked future house bass line to derail the energy of the track.

As for the rest of Automatic, it’s slated for release on September 25th. After listening to “Whatever,” let us know if you’re looking forward to Kaskade‘s upcoming effort by sounding off in the comments.