Katy Perry divulges how her daughter with Orlando Bloom influenced Las Vegas residency

Image via Katy Perry/YouTube

Katy Perry recently spoke with Access Hollywood about everything from her Las Vegas Residency to being a mother and her daughter’s resemblance to her father, Orlando Bloom.

You can tell that Perry values parenthood and adores the family she’s created with Bloom. While they’re among most celebrities who keep their children’s lives private, Perry beams with pride when discussing Daisy in sweet interview moments.

Before the conversation went to raising Daisy, Perry shared her excitement for her Las Vegas Residency and not only that but the fact that they added dates had due to the presale response. Perry said she hoped, of course, that fans would want more, but you could tell it was a humbling and joyful moment.

Perry calls the show the most joyful she’s ever done and says a lot of this is so much different than what she usually does on tour because of the target audience. She’s expecting joy, fun, and the best kind of mayhem. Perry discussed picking her top 20 hits on streaming platforms and how that factored into her setlist — with some remixes included.

Perry also shared how her expectations for the show, audience, and the personal influences she’s bringing to the table impacted her life. As a result, she had to prepare for a more physical performance, even going to the gym more and attending mommy and me classes.

Perry went on to say that Daisy will undoubtedly be there during the residency and even says the show is a family one, so she’s going to bring her along for rehearsals to make sure nothing is too loud or bright for her daughter.

She says that she’s mommy to Daisy several times, so she sees her more as the friend and comfort than the performer. However, she has seen Perry dolled up for an event and looks up at her with big beautiful eyes.

“She does her big eyes; she has like a combination of Orlando’s eyebrows and my eyeballs, and she now does all these ‘big eyes, big eyes, big eyes.'”

Perry is also very aware that her residency is happening simultaneously as Adele’s, and Perry plans to attend her show — for sure. As for a night on the town? It would be a couple of drinks and a fun time. Vegas is more business than a vacation for celebrities and performers, but Perry says send them to Hawaii together, and it’ll be a different story.

Perry’s residency in Vegas starts Dec. 29 and goes through March 19 of 2022.