Kill The Noise Weighs In On Cymatics Controversy


Last week, Getter shared a video via social media calling out sample/synth preset company Cymatics FM for alleged plagiarism. In his video, the producer scolded Cymatics for ripping off his music and re-packaging his original songs and selling them as tutorials. Getter claimed that their unauthorized replication of his sounds constituted copyright infringement, and that he wasn’t receiving royalties for Cymatics’ product.

Following the controversy, Jake Stanczak aka Kill The Noise, has shared a statement over the weekend regarding his opinion on the situation. In a lengthy rant, he shared his thoughts on the feud, stating that he feels Cymatics is being disingenuous by “using someone else’s identity and playing off the popularity of the artists to sell a knock off product.”

When Cymatics first burst on the scene, they were gaining a lot of traction as a company with excellent products and a desire to strengthen the dance music community by providing tools to help up and comers hone their craft. However, the controversy with Getter has proven a divisive issue among fans and producers alike, and its certainly hurt their reputation. We don’t suspect they’ll be going away anytime soon, but Kill The Noise‘s statement on the whole situation certainly rings true.