Kill Paris’ First Release As Chill Harris Is A Remix Of GRiZ’ “Stop Trippin'”


Look, we get it – when the biggest tragedy of 2015 takes place, it’s not exactly a smart PR move to stick with a brand that some might interpret as glorifying the untimely events that transpired. Nonetheless, following the attacks on Paris last year, Boulder, CO producer Kill Paris announced that he would, for the foreseeable future, perform under the stage name “Chill Harris,” and quite frankly I’ve never felt more like the terrorists won.

I almost didn’t believe that Chill Harris (cringe) was actually going to follow through with his knee-jerk rebranding, but his first release under the new moniker has arrived in the form of his remix of GRiZ’ “Stop Trippin’,” so I guess it’s official. The original track came out last year on the latter artist’s funk-heavy album, Say It Loud, but radiates a new spectra through the former artist’s future bass lens.

While Chill Harris’ remix makes for a soothing iteration of the track, it doesn’t make for as memorable an exploration as the funky, soul-infused brand of bass music that has become GRiZ’ calling card. At best, remixes bring something new to the table, and the original set the bar high enough to make that a difficult endeavor.

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