Klingande Breaks Release Hiatus With “Losing U”


Before artists like Thomas Jack and Kygo became the poster children of tropical house, Klingande was another name often associated with the then-experimental style. Even though in recent productions he’s resigned himself to a broader sound, however, tracks like “Losing U” prove him as inventive an artist as ever.

The instrumentals and saccharine lyrics of “Losing U” undoubtedly anchor it to a pop music sensibility, but violin crescendos at the hook contribute an element that hasn’t been thoroughly rinsed by other artists putting out the same sort of music.

Even though “Losing U” is Klingande’s first release in the better part of a year, it’s enough to remind fans that he is perhaps not a one-trick pony. As eclectic of a style as he boasts, perhaps tropical house will prove not to have been his be-all end-all.

Give Klingande‘s “Losing U” a listen for yourself in the SoundCloud player above and let us know what you think of the track by commenting below.

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