Knife Party Address Delay Of Impending EP Release, Sort Of

Knife Party

Australian electro house duo Knife Party are behind schedule on their upcoming EP – which, at this point, doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Last year’s Abandon Ship was famously delayed by two weeks, and while we don’t have an exact time frame for Trigger Warning, it’s looking like it’ll be around the same if not longer.

Knife Party’s Rob Swire addressed the delays with the following tweets:

On their main account, Knife Party tweeted that the EP would be out in “6-8 weeks” almost nine weeks ago. All things considered, though, it could be worse. The delays would be more upsetting if we didn’t expect whatever they turn out to be worth the wait, but since we know it’ll be quality EDM, Knife Party’s just kind of like the musician equivalent of that friend who tells you a meeting time and you know to tack on 30 minutes.

Also, in Swire’s tweets, he revealed that one of the track titles from Trigger Warning will be “PLUR Police,” and that it’s a parody of sorts – as if we would have expected a song of that title to be 100% serious.

By extrapolating the release date of Knife Party‘s Trigger Warning using our state-of-the-art algorithm (which just constitutes adding two weeks, to be honest), the effort will come out sometime next week – so stay tuned for further updates!