Knife Party Goes Bass House In New Track Preview

Knife Party

We’re glad that Knife Party‘s back to making the kind of headlines we actually enjoy reading. The Australian electro house duo had been relatively quiet since the release of their debut album, Abandon Ship, last year, and broke the silence only to reveal that member Rob Swire suffered hearing loss from the use of a vape pen. The EDM community was relieved to learn that Swire’s hearing was restored, and is now overjoyed to hear the first preview from their upcoming EP.

A short video tweeted by Swire showcases a bass house-inspired rhythm reminiscent of Jauz’ “Feel The Volume.” Gritty LFO loops compliment a house groove in a manner that rides the line between tasteful and visceral while leaving the listener wanting more.

Knife Party may be known for their high-energy electro tracks, but seeing as how they successfully tackled other genres like dubstep and progressive house in their debut album, a foray into bass house isn’t any sort of betrayal to their fans. As long as Swire can keep his hearing, the new EP should make for a bold addition to the duo’s already well-received discography.

Take a listen to the new Knife Party track preview and let us know what you think in the comments section.