Knife Party Tease Upcoming Tom Morello Collab


After a year of silence following the release of their Trigger Warning EP, Knife Party finally began hinting at a return yesterday when they shared a mysterious video, cluing in fans that something big is about to happen. The Australian DJ duo have taken to Twitter again with a new teaser, seemingly revealing that their collaboration with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine fame will be released tomorrow.

The collaboration made its live debut at Ultra Miami back in March and fans have been waiting for the song to surface ever since. The unreleased tune features Morello’s signature guitar sound juxtaposed against a haunted dance music production courtesy of Knife Party, with growling bass and punchy drum hits.

The latest teaser shared by the duo on social media depicts a guitarist that could be Morello set to some amp static, with the caption “September 9.” While Knife Party haven’t explicitly stated that the Tom Morello collaboration is up for release, we’re willing to hazard the guess that’s what they’re driving at.

Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow.

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