Krewella Announce Sweatbox Afterparties And Preview New Song


Krewella took to Facebook earlier today to drop a new video offering up some updates on their Sweatbox tour, which is set to commence in the fall. Specifically, the Yousaf sisters have announced a series of afterparties scheduled to go down after each stop on the tour.

As if the afterparty updates weren’t enough to make Krewella fans lose their minds, the announcement video features a special surprise in the form of a preview of an upcoming new track. From what we can hear in the teaser, the single will expand on the sonic territory covered in recent efforts like “Beggars,” with booming festival trap beats and wailing siren synths.

With their new tour set to kick off in just a matter of weeks and new material looming on the horizon, 2016 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Krewella.

If interested, you can head here for more information about the Sweatbox tour and to purchase tickets.