Krewella Finally Speak Out On 2014 Rain Main Split


Few controversies garnered as much attention in 2014 as Rain Man A.K.A. Kris Trindl’s split from Krewella. The producer recently spoke with us about his feelings towards Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf now that the dust has settled, and now we get to hear their side as well.

In an interview with Thump, the Yousaf sisters divulged many of the details of their working relationship with Trindl – and unexpectedly even attributed their work ethic to him. “I think Kris was hugely responsible for my and Yamine’s work ethic.” Jahan said. “He would say, ‘Look, Katy Perry writes a song a day, you should be doing that too.'”

However, she also went as far as to mention that near the end, they had to resort to desperate measures to cover up his altered mind state. She said:

Yasmine had to literally program a controller for him that did nothing, to make it look like he was doing something. But we were OK with it. We said, ‘If you can focus on production, we’ll carry the live show.’

Krewella‘s full interview goes into much further detail, and to read it in its entirety on the THUMP website, click here.