Krewella Forced To Cancel Festival Slot Due To Visa Issues


Krewella took to social media this week to announce that their scheduled slot at India’s Sunburn Festival has unfortunately been cancelled due to forces outside of their control. The sister duo were set to appear at the festival later this week, but have been denied entry into India due to their Pakistani nationality.

The Yousaf sisters stated that despite their best efforts, their visas were repeatedly denied due to their heritage, a symptom of the ongoing turbulent relationship between India and Pakistan. In a hand written letter shared on Facebook, Krewella assure fans that their team explored every avenue possible, only to find their hands tied on the matter.

It’s unfortunate that international events are preventing a musical act from performing at a festival, especially considering that they have no control over the situation. In their own words, the duo state that they “hope the state of affairs between the two countries can be resolved someday soon,” before promising to figure out a way to make it up to their fans in the near future.

You can read Krewella‘s full hand written statement below.