Krewella, NGHTMRE And Pegboard Nerds Team Up On Super Collab


Following up on the release of their new EP Ammunition, Krewella have teamed up with frequent collaborators Pegboard Nerds and rising bass producer NGHTMRE on a massive collab titled “Superstar.” The three musical forces go big on the new track, delivering a high octane anthem that should have fans pleased.

The new collaboration kicks off with a minimalistic chord progression and the Yousaf sisters’ distinctive vocal delivery. Heavy electro elements slowly joining the mix and crashing percussion pushes “Superstar” towards its energetic peak before diving head first into stuttering dubstep bass and ear shattering half time beats. NGHTMRE and Pegboard Nerds compliment each other well here, bringing high production standards to the table and crafting an energetic dance hit that ends before it overstays its welcome.

“Superstar” indulges a nostalgic desire to hear Krewella front another bass heavy banger, and fans who were disappointed by Ammunition‘s lack of Get Wet era dubstep infused pop should find the new release quite satisfying.

Source: Your EDM