Krewella Release Angst-Filled Music Video For “Broken Record”


Krewella appear determined to make 2016 just as much of a comeback year for them as it has been for their former bandmate. The Yousaf sisters announced the Sweatbox Tour alongside a new single titled “Broken Record” last month, and after officially releasing it on their new album, Ammunition, they’ve revealed an official music video for the track.

The video for “Broken Record” applies a less-is-more mentality, consisting of shots of the sisters lip-syncing to the words of the song against an industrial backdrop. Doodles are superimposed over a handful of the video’s frames as well, evoking a similarly abstract playfulness as those of Jack Ü clips.

As with some of Krewella’s other post-Rain Man split music, though, the clip doesn’t seem quite as inspired as those of their earlier career. For example, even though the video for the 2012 track “Killin’ It” was famously shot on a shoestring budget, it offered much more visceral imagery.

Whether or not “Broken Record” will be the only track from Krewella‘s Ammunition to receive an official music video remains to be seen. For now, though, keep the duo in your sights over the summer as we’ll surely be hearing more updates from them leading up to their Sweatbox Tour in September.