Krewella Returns To Form With Colossal New Single


After sharing a bold freestyle to tease their new single, Krewella has returned to form with “Beggars.”

A collaboration with DISKORD, this new single is a glorious return to the grimey, trolling, get-you-wet Krewella that we fell in love with so many years ago. It’s undeniable that most of the production is DISKORD, but the Yousaf sisters provide an uncompromising vocal performance that lends perfectly to blown out synths of the breakdown.

“Beggars” is the result of three years of songwriting, starting in LA and eventually ending up in the hands of UK duo DISKORD. The final product even has a couple of easter egg nods to Krewella’s past classics, and the entire jam has a cinematic quality that’s definitely going to earn some playing time throughout festival season.

Judging by the hype surrounding this release, Krewella has finally come through for the Krew and we couldn’t be more stoked on this vibrant single.

Grab Krewella and DISKORD’s “Beggars” now via iTunes, and let us know what you think of the new track down in the comments section.