Kris Trindl Is Suing Krewella For Kicking Him Out


In case you forgot, or just didn’t know, Krewella is actually a trio, or at least, they used to be. Made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, along with Kris Trindl (who founded Krewella in 2010), the group very quickly became one of EDM’s biggest acts after bursting onto the scene with huge hits like Killin’ It and leveraging social media quite well.

Recently, however, Trindl has been surprisingly absent from live shows and all press appearances. While rumors have been circulating for a while now on what could be going on, we’re hearing today that he was forced out by Jahan and Yasmine.

It’s unclear exactly what happened, but apparently he went to rehab in late 2013 due to struggles with alcoholism and when he came out sober, Trindl claims that the girls didn’t like the “new Kris” because he wouldn’t party with them anymore. They even thought that he was suffering from depression and tried to get him to go to rehab again.

Now, Trindl is suing the girls for $5 million in damages, claiming that they used his “depression” as an excuse to get rid of him so that they could take his stake in the group for themselves.

Of course, there’s probably much more to this story than we know, but as of now, it definitely looks like there’s some trouble brewing in the Krewella camp.