KSHMR Releases Remix Of Avicii’s For A Better Day


Nothing like a brand-new KSHMR track to get the EDM community to pay attention again. The already decorated producer has remained quiet on the release front in recent months leading up to his debut performances, but broke his dry spell to deliver a remix of Avicii’s “For a Better Day.”

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I actually liked the Avicii version better than the KSHMR one. The timeless instrumental tracks of the original have been substituted by a top line that – while not necessarily lousy – simply doesn’t bring as much to the table as the original. I suppose that KSHMR has just already set a pretty high bar for himself, which at the end of the day is the kind of problem an up-and-comer like him should want to have.

In other KSHMR news, after roughly a year of putting out quality productions, the former Cataracts member will play his first ever DJ sets – one in L.A. on September 19th, and the other in New York City on November 28th. If only every DJ/producer were lucky enough to see as much hype around their first performances.

Listen to KSHMR‘s remix of Avicii’s “For a Better Day” above and give us your thoughts on the track in the comments section.