KSHMR And ZAXX’s “Deeper” Is As Shallow As House Can Get


I’d like to think that electronic music is at least a year or two past that phase where you can slap the word “deep” on something to ensure it instant street cred. Apparently KSHMR and ZAXX didn’t get that memo, though, because they threw together a big room house track and titled it “Deeper.”

What, pray tell, is even remotely deep about this piece of main stage filler? The Oliver Heldens-esque bass line that leads up to that cringeworthy sample? The rest of it is by-the-numbers main stage filler: a buildup drop scheme predictable enough that the pyrotechnics experts will be able to time their ignition easily before the DJ mixes it into another track that might as well be identical.

That said, there is evidence of thoughtful sound design in “Deeper” – most likely owing to the production expertise of KSHMR. After his work as one of The Cataracts, he’s made a name for himself over the past couple of years by releasing originals and remixes that effectively set a new standard for the production values of EDM tracks.

KSHMR and ZAXX’s “Deeper” is available for free download through Musical Freedom Records. Check it out above and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment.