Kygo Goes Instrumental Once More With Piano Jam 2


Kygo‘s got an instrumental itch, and it doesn’t look as though he scratched it quite hard enough when he uploaded “Piano Jam” a couple weeks ago. It’s no secret that the Norwegian DJ/producer started learning to play the piano all the way back in early childhood, but he appears to be waxing especially nostalgic these days as he’s taken to showing off his piano chops not once but twice.

And at that, “Piano Jam 2” is even – uh – piano jammier than the first one. Whereas the previous upload at least featured subtle production elements like downlifts and a strings section, the return sees an almost entirely unadulterated raw recording. It also progresses through a markedly more somber melody, which wouldn’t translate quite as well into the feel-good trop house that has become Kygo’s trademark.

While these tracks certainly showcase Kygo’s musical range, they don’t add a great deal to his discography that sets it apart from any other artist out there. Neither has proven an instrumental opus by any means, indicating that perhaps the producer’s instrumental musings serve his own catharsis more than anything else.

Nevertheless, if Kygo‘s “Piano Jam 2” suits your fancy then don’t be shy and let us know by sounding off in the comments.

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