Kygo Gives Away His New Track With Dillon Francis To Lucky Fans At Coachella


In terms of EDM, there was a lot going on at Coachella this past weekend. However, one of the most exciting sets belonged to Norwegian producer Kygo, who is quickly rising through the ranks and proving himself to be one of the most refreshing sounds in electronic dance music at the moment.

If you’ve been following the DJ on social media over the past few days, you probably noticed a little tease he put out saying that there would be 20 USB sticks thrown into the crowd during his set and they would contain a special surprise for those who managed to get their hands on one.

Now, we know exactly what that surprise was, as it turns out that the USB sticks contained Kygo’s upcoming song with Dillon Francis. Titled “Coming Over,” the track was teased a while back and has been played live several times since (most recently at Ultra, where he premiered a couple new songs).

Boasting James Hersey on vocals and Kygo’s signature tropical sound, “Coming Over” sports a slow, laid-back feel that fits right in with most of Kygo’s other productions. That being said, Dillon’s influence can still be heard here as well, with a bit of funky bass and bounce being thrown in for good measure. On the whole though, it’s definitely more of a Kygo song and should definitely please fans who are eager for more tropical house.

We’ll keep you posted when the track gets an official release, but for now, take a listen to “Coming Over” above and let us know what you think. Does it hold up well against “Firestone” and “Stole The Show,” or could it use a bit more energy? Sound off below!