Kylie Jenner Responds To DJ Debut Announcement: “This Isn’t True”


…Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Let me get this straight – less than a day after it surfaced that Caitlyn Jenner was experiencing doubts about having gotten a sex change, her daughter, Kylie Jenner, appears to be expressing doubts about becoming a DJ?

Now I’m starting to get why so many people follow these socialites’ wacky lives – I couldn’t write this kind of comedy if my life depended on it. Foxtail at SLS recently announced that reality television personality Kylie Jenner’s DJ debut would take place at the Las Vegas nightclub, eliciting a symphony of groans from the music community at large.

In a turn of events that nobody expected, Jenner Tweeted the following response to Foxtail’s announcement:

What part isn’t true? The date, the location, or the obvious farce that Jenner is in any way, shape or form a DJ? Trust me, she isn’t – and she’s definitely not a producer, either, as evidenced by her recent remix of the Mr. Rogers theme song. I had no idea autotune could be ruined for me even more than it already was.

In all seriousness, some insiders speculate that Jenner was enlisted to make a celebrity appearance at Foxtail – and listing her as a musical was the only way for the club to bring her through the doors. Seeing as how her name was on a lineup right next to those of Flo Rida and Borgore in an official SLS Las Vegas press release, however, it’s hard to fathom that somebody could have failed to communicate to her the minor detail that she would be playing music for a nightclub full of people.

In the next few days, some new revelation is bound to explain Kylie Jenner‘s puzzling response to Foxtail at SLS’ announcement of her DJ debut. Even when it does though, it’s not like the entire situation will be any less ridiculous.