Lady Gaga Announces Mini Dive Bar Tour

Lady Gaga

When a big name artist is about to debut new music, they’ll probably opt for a streaming service like Spotify, or maybe they’ll go the exclusive path and have it premiere only on Tidal or Apple Music. Unless that artist is Lady Gaga – then you can bet she’ll do something weird with new stuff, like premiere it live in a dive bar instead.

The “Perfect Illusion” artist is going to be showcasing some new material on a mini dive bar tour, where she’ll be performing at undisclosed locations on October 5th, 20th, and 27th. The first show, taking place this Wednesday, will have Gaga performing the new Joanne track, “Million Reasons,” while the other two dates will presumably be debuting new music, too. Since the locations aren’t being revealed, it’s tough to figure out how anyone can even attend one of these events – but if they do end up being private, fret not: the shows will be streamed live on Facebook regardless.

Lady Gaga says that these bar performances will allow her to “return to her roots” after kick starting her career in dive bars in New York City and across the country. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit that she’s taking a unique route when it comes to promoting her new album Joanne, which will be released everywhere on October 21st.