Lady Gaga Releases The Edge Of Glory Music Video

Lady Gaga has released the music video for her single The Edge Of Glory. Shockingly, we get nothing in the way of controversial biblical themes or racy imagery. In fact, there’s essentially nothing in the way of shock or surprise to be found here. The only thing we get is a seemingly normal music video from the mega popstar. It’s fairly tame compared to what we’ve seen from her in the past and not at all edgy, which is certainly a change of pace for the fame monster.

The track is off her latest album Born This Way and has already found great success as a single. Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band shows up in the video to play some soulful saxaphone while Lady Gaga dances around in the streets. Frankly, it’s a bit boring and I’m not entirely sure as to why the singer decided to tame herself for this outing.

Vulture has their own take on why the video is seemingly bland. Here’s what they had to say.

As is appropriate for a third single, Gaga steps back both from prerelease buildup (“Edge” premiered on So You Think You Can Dance, which for Gaga is a relatively inconspicuous thing to do) and unwieldy video treatments. For the first time in this album cycle, instead of tossing buckets of arguably subversive allusions for eager analysts to parse, she plays it very, very straight.

It looks like it was shot in 45 minutes. The biggest moment is a particularly intense jacket fling. But, more important: With the gloriously uncomplicated “Edge of Glory” as the soundtrack, we finally get to catch our breath for a moment.

Apparently, the original idea was to go for a more grandiose video with some over the top themes. Sources close to the singer say that the video wasn’t always going to be so tame but there were certain ‘issues’ with some of the earlier ideas and so they were scrapped.

Maybe Vulture is right though, perhaps this is just a good chance for us to catch our breath. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.