Lady Gaga Reveals Track Listing To New Album

Lady Gaga

We’ve got less than one month until Lady Gaga unleashes her new album, Joanne, into the world for everyone to feast their ears on. We’ve pretty much gotten everything we need from the album besides the actual music: we’ve heard the single, seen the music video, viewed the record’s beautiful cover art, and now, she’s giving us Joanne’s track listing.

Gaga took to social media to reveal the back cover and CD image to Joanne, which also shows the track listing for the standard and deluxe edition. The standard edition of the record sports eleven songs (which is an industry standard but hardly a Gaga standard) while the deluxe includes three extra.

Besides the obvious single “Perfect Illusion,” Joanne has a title track and fairly simplistic – arguably boring – track names, but we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or, in this case, title). “Hey Girl” is a collaboration with Florence Welch, and though we’ve heard rumors of other collaborations, she’s the only name listed as a feature on the album, so it’s possible that additional guests just might not be credited.

Meanwhile, the deluxe edition features songs like “Just Another Day,” “Grigio Girls,” and the work tape version of “Angel Down.” Work tape is basically just a fancy word for “demo,” so considering how produced Gaga’s music typically is, it’ll be fun to hear a song in its early stages before all the glitz and glamour is applied.

Just when the wait couldn’t get worse for Lady Gaga’s new album, all of the track titles just ended up teasing the project that much more. Luckily, Joanne will be out everywhere on October 21st.