Lady Gaga goes full Kenny Loggins with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ tie-in single

Lady Gaga
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick is really finally coming out next month after several delays – of which many were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic – and now Lady Gaga has announced a song for it.

The “Shallow” singer took to Twitter today to display herself in military attire beside a plane in a black-and-white image and revealed the work will be called “Hold My Hand.” It will be available to hear Tuesday on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and Gaga adds it aims to bridge divides and celebrate people

“I wanted to make music into a song where we share our deep need to both be understood and try to understand each other – a longing to be close when we feel so far away and an ability to celebrate life’s heroes. This song is a love letter to the world during and after a very hard time. I’ve wanted you to hear it for so long.”

Fans expressed excitement for the piece in their replies to the news. Some said the film production was lucky to have her do something for them, others went so far as to say just the promotional picture gave them chills, and even the Twitter account for the film sequel coming 36 years after the first weighed in.

Top Gun: Maverick opens May 27. The first Top Gun also spawned the hit songs “Take My Breath Away” and “Danger Zone.” It is unknown at this time which Gaga’s work will be close to in its ultimate tone.