Laidback Luke And Mike Cervello Get Tribal On “Front 2 Back”


Laidback Luke and Mike Cervello have teamed up to deliver a banging new single today on “Front 2 Back,” crafting a powerful dance floor cut that features tribal percussion and pummelling energy.

“Front 2 Back” opens with a restrained tribal beat that sets the pace for the rest of the track. A series of repeated rap phrases are sampled throughout to build up the energy to a thundering peak. The two producers then get rowdy for the drops, pairing up screeching synth sirens with a beast of a kick that pounds out a consistent rhythm as muted bass erupts between the beats. The result is an adrenaline fuelled crowd pleaser fit for the club and festival scenes alike.

While you’d be hard pressed to hum along to Laidback Luke and Mike Cervello’s latest release, “Front 2 Back” is an exercise in explosive energy that is sure to have dancers moving. If you dig it, you can grab the new single here.

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