Laidback Luke Announces New Album For November


Laidback Luke has announced that he’ll be releasing a new album on November 6th via his Mixmash Records label.

Titled Focus, the disc will be his first full album since 2002’s Electronic Satisfaction and is set to include 16 tracks, with artists like Benny Benassi, Yellow Claw, Trevor Guthrie and more all slated to feature.

“Focus will contain a combination of various styles, because electronic music is still all the same family to me. Commercial or underground, I love it all!” said the producer in a statement to Billboard.

“What I love about the album is that I can say it’s real,” he added. “It’s not me selling out and it’s not me staying in old habits. It’s me enjoying my producer time and making tracks that I would both love to listen to and dance to.”

The first single from Focus, titled “Let It Go,” will be released on October 18th. Until then, tell us, what are you hoping to see from Laidback Luke on his new album? Sound off below!

Source: Billboard