Laidback Luke Discusses The Art Of DJ’ing With Jauz


Earlier in the week, Jauz took to Facebook to share a lengthy story about his set at Lollapalooza. In the post, he goes on to explain that he had prepared an epic set for his performance at the festival, only to realize once he was on stage that he had forgotten to transfer the set to his USB and was forced to improvise the entire show on the fly.

While the post seemed innocent enough, it prompted Laidback Luke to join in on a discussion via Twitter about the art of DJ’ing. In a series of Tweets, the Dutch DJ offered up his take on the skill that goes into his craft.

He then goes on to explain his view of proper DJ’ing, denouncing the idea of fully prepared sets while arguing that DJs should be flexible and able to switch things up on the fly.

The issue of what constitutes “true” DJ’ing is a cantankerous topic that gets brought up in dance music all the time, and Jauz and Luke won’t be the last to touch on it.  Laidback Luke seemed friendly in his discussion, however, and his ability to engage in a civil discourse about DJ’ing has plenty of positive implications for the scene as a whole.