Laidback Luke’s Fantasizing Doesn’t Contribute Much To Focus


As we close in on the release of Laidback Luke‘s upcoming album, Focus, the Filipino-Dutch DJ/producer has been releasing more and more tracks from the effort – but little of what he’s teased out has proven all that memorable. The latest of these is “Fantasize,” a pop-infused progressive house track with little more than saccharine vocal melodies to stimulate the senses.

From the preview Laidback Luke has released on his SoundCloud, it’s evident that “Fantasize” is simply an exercise in coloring within the lines of the EDM formula. It’s not like it’s a musical travesty by any means, but as I’ve pointed out before, with the artist’s track record for next-level musicianship, it’s simply strange to hear him put his stamp of approval on so many entry-level songs.

Laidback Luke‘s Focus comes out on November 6th. After hearing this preview of “Fantasize,” do you find yourself compelled to purchase the full album when it drops? Let us know in the comments section.