Laidback Luke’s Let It Go Is Main Stage Mediocrity


Before you get on my case, look, I have nothing but respect for Laidback Luke as a DJ. As many industry insiders know, he’s one of the few performers out there with actual, honest-to-god turntable tricks at his disposal – but given his credentials as a selector, his choice of music often fails to inspire in the same way that his capabilities as a performer do.

“Let It Go” featuring Trevor Guthrie is a track that could have been released by any number of contemporary mainstagers. An all-too-predictable buildup-drop scheme is accompanied by blasé vocals, and the driving synth melody sounds as interchangeable as any other track that made its rounds through the festival circuit this summer.

Nonetheless, Laidback Luke is still one of the EDM world’s most celebrated performers – and even though his productions have suffered in recent years, his skill behind the decks makes him deserving of such accolades.

Take a listen to “Let It Go” above and then head on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of it.

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