Lane 8 Drops Two New Tracks And Announces US Tour


When Lane 8 debuted his “This Never Happend” live concept at San Francisco’s Mezzanine earlier in the summer, the Germany based DJ sought to create a unique experience for fans by banning cell phones and thus bringing a degree of exclusivity that is largely absent in the age of social media. Now he’s announced a slew of “This Never Happened” tour dates that will bring the show to seventeen destinations across the US, including Tampa, Houston, Seattle, Denver and more.

To coincide with the tour announcement, Lane 8 has released two new top notch tracks, “Divina” and “Crush.” “Divina” opens with a catchy synthesizer sequence that slowly progresses throughout the song’s runtime, as minimal beats and a persistent bassline set a sturdy foundation beneath it.

“Crush,” meanwhile, is a bit more low-key but in the same vein, with a persistent drum machine groove and gradually progressing synth elements. Both of the new offerings make for solid additions to Lane 8‘s already well respected discography.

You can head here to purchase tickets to the “This Never Happened” tour.