LCD Soundsystem Will Reunite For Coachella 2016


Rumors have been circulating for a while, and we can finally say with certainty that LCD Soundsystem will be reuniting for a headlining performance at Coachella this year. We had a hunch something was brewing after they released “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” and just a few days letter, their 2016 reunion has been confirmed.

A pioneer of electronic rock, LCD Soundsystem has been off the grid since they disbanded in 2011, parting ways with one final Long Goodbye at Madison Square Garden after pumping out three beloved albums. But even though it was only a slim five years ago, a lot has happened since then in the world of music. Tastes have grown, twisted, and evolved, and while we’re certain that LCD Soundsystem’s uncompromising weird will be authentic as ever, it remains to be seen how they’re received in todays new climate.

Still, LCD Soundsystem‘s choice to return couldn’t come at a better time, with electronic production’s ubiquitous presence and while their previous reign is still relatively fresh in the minds of fans. Apart from the reunion performance, who knows if we’ll see a new album or a string of tour dates to complement the announcement. Could this be the tip of a complete resurgence?