Let Loose With Standerwick’s Remix Of Gareth Emery’s “Reckless”


It takes finesse to improve upon a track released by English trance mainstay Gareth Emery, but Standerwick might have managed to do exactly that. The Bristol-based DJ/producer has released a remix of Emery’s “Reckless” that ought to resonate more with pure trance enthusiasts than what was featured on the original.

A subtle synth melody ushers in an anthemic cut of Wayward Daughter’s original top line at the beginning of Standerwick’s remix. Then, a soaring progression of synth plucks builds up to a euphoric crescendo after several measures, keeping to the faster rhythms characteristic of more classic styles of trance.

Along with “Hands,” the original version of “Reckless” will be available as a free gift to anyone who pre-orders Emery’s third studio album, 100 Reasons to Live. The effort’s official release date is April 1st, and it will come out through Emery’s own Garuda imprint.

Until then, listen to Standewick‘s remix of Garreth Emery’s “Reckless” and let us know what you think down in the comments section below.

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