Lil Nas X Dunks On Parent Who Doesn’t Understand How YouTube Kids Works

There are many tools to help parents keep an eye on what kinds of media their kids are watching including the incredibly popular YouTube Kids. While the platform is useful to help screen videos that get in front of young eyes, it’s obviously not perfect all by itself as one parent found out.

User @TierraLarai_ made a Tweet showing how the Lil Nas X music video for Industry Baby showed up on a YouTube Kids search for “baby videos.” The self-described homeschooler, studying herbalist, and “daughter of the most high” took to Twitter to complain about the platform and about how “they” (gay people) were coming “after our kids.”

It’s possible that the YouTube algorithm picked up the video due to Lil Nas X’s recent pregnancy stunt used to raise money for charity but it’s even more likely it’s simply because the word “baby” is in the title. Many pointed out how YouTube Kids also has added parental controls so if the woman had taken the time to use them, it’s likely the video wouldn’t have appeared.

Not one to take homophobia sitting down or to miss out on a unique opportunity to advertise, Lil Nas X fired back with his own Tweet trying to ratio the woman who was complaining.

Lil Nas X’s highly anticipated debut album Montero will release on September 17th, 2021.