Lindsay Lohan Is Auctioning An NFT Of Her Fursona And People Are Pissed

Let’s be real, the furry fandom is a fascinating place in general. That, and we know famous music artists like Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J to country star Lil Nas X have gotten fursuits in the past. What we didn’t know until now was that Lindsay Lohan has a fursona and that she’s into controversial NFTs.

The negative impact NFTs have on the environment combined with the potential for them to be used for art theft have made them incredibly divisive since they’ve gained popularity. Despite this, it looks like Lohan wants to take a risk on them for fame and a little cash. A recent post on her Twitter account confirms she’s working with Canine Cartel to produce potentially multiple NFTs for people to bid on.

With the internet exploding in anger over Neopets diving into NFTs recently, it’s no surprise that few people were fans of Lohan’s decision.

The minimum bid for the NFT is currently 5 WETH, which is equivalent to $1,507.38 USD. Anyone interested in getting Lindsay Lohan’s fursona for themself can bid on the NFT here. As of writing, no one has bid on it yet.