LIOHN’s Major Lazer Remix Just Outperformed The Original


Steady, powerful, and loaded with more vibes than an adult toy store, LIOHN has just delivered a stellar remix to one of 2015’s biggest tracks. Staying true to the essence of Major Lazer’s original, LIOHN has torqued “Be Together” into the heavens with a tasteful latin rhythm and jungle themed sound design.

This is the archetype for what a remix should be. Enhancing the most appealing qualities of the original mix, the track has been distilled to its most basic components, then rebuilt with impossible cohesion.

Wilde Belle’s vocals strike through with incredible force, and each element has plenty of frequency to breathe above the rumbling bassline. It’s rare to find a track that instigates both the urge to dance and have a leisurely fireside hang out, but this “Be Together” remix does it all flawlessly.

Say what you will, but we’ll argue that this is better than the original. Have a listen to LIOHN’s latest work above and tell us you don’t agree.