Seven Lions Releases A Festival Remix Of “Falling Away”


It’s not all that common that an artist releases a variation in production of their own track as part of its remix series, but then again, Seven Lions isn’t all that common of an artist. The melodic dubstep/progressive trance virtuoso has capped off the remix series for his 2015 track “Falling Away” with his own “festival remix” of the song.

I wasn’t particularly blown away by what Seven Lions put out for the original version of the track last summer, and while the festival remix offers up a more exhilarating progressive house style, it doesn’t measure up to what he’s proven himself capable of either. More driving percussive elements and a higher-energy buildup drop scheme certainly make for a main stage-friendly version of “Falling Away,” but you can’t help but feel as though Seven Lions peaked in 2014.

However, the remix series does also feature flips from Secret Panda Society, Zaxx, MitiS and Halogen. After listening to each one, let us know which you like best by commenting below.

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